Construction Management






The primary objective at our Construction Services is to exceed the customer’s expectations by completing a job with the highest degree of professionalism and quality. This is achieved by excellent craftsmanship and project management.


At the Construction phase - We advise on project construction, Welding engineering (such as review of WPS) , Health and Safety Environmental questions etc. HENECO ensures all items required for the project are ordered, or supplied by the Fabricator. We support our Clients by ensuring free issue items are available and delivered to site as required, and taking appropriate action to mitigate potential risks of delay on the project.


HENECO also support completion and commissioning activities and any other support required during fabrication.



We perform the inspection and verification of both in-process and completed work activities, including witnessing construction/performance testing performed by construction or contractors on behalf of our clients. Assists in the qualification of quality control, inspection or testing personnel, including qualification of subcontractors for testing. Our qualified inspectors read and interprets Construction Drawings, Participates in site meetings, and Perform Field Inspections and Surveillances. After inspection, we prepare inspection reports and checklists to give quality assurance to our clients. When required, we perform surveillances, assessments, or audits of subcontractor activities. This culminates in reports for the Clients' Construction or Quality Control Manager on the status and quality of work accomplished.

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